Daytona 500 Preview

Daytona 500 Gear

The Daytona 500 is quickly approaching and this year’s race has some big changes. With a new major sponsor, safety regulations and an entirely new racing format it is sure to make for an interesting and action packed racing season.

Monster Energy is the new major sponsor for NASCAR and has introduced the Monster Energy NASCAR Series. For 2017 NASCAR has introduced an entirely new race system that breaks down each race into three stage, they have also introduced a handful of new safety changes for the Superspeedways. NASCAR officials have stated that they are going to be introducing a beefed up firewall and driver’s side door panel along with a new support system for the steering wheel that is designed to help distribute energy in the event of an head on collision. These safety changes are designed to help minimize the impact an accident could have on a driver’s lower body during a collision on one of the Superspeedways.

This year’s Daytona 500 is going to feature three stages: the first two stages are each 60 laps and the final stage will be 80 laps. At the end of each of the first two stages a caution flag will be waived before the next stage begins, the third stage ends with the final checkered flag. The winner of each stage is going to be awarded extra points that are will be good in the “Playoffs.” NASCAR is no longer going to feature the “chase for the cup”; this period of the season is now going to be referred to as the playoffs and the points drivers receive during the regular season will be put towards their total number of playoff points. The idea behind the new stage system and points setup is to break up the race into three action packed segments forcing drivers to adapt and create new strategies throughout each race. This is sure to have an even bigger impact as the season goes forward and the extra points that are awarded for each section start to have a bigger impact on racer’s playoff positions.

With all the changes and the excitement of a new season this year’s Daytona 500 is bound to be full of excitement. A new sponsor, a new stage system and the return of Dale Earnhardt Jr and an eager Martin Truex Jr set the stage for America’s favorite race. Get ready for the race with official Daytona 500 gear or new Monster Energy NASCAR Series apparel and count down with us as everyone gets ready for race day in Daytona Beach Florida.